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C2000 News/Events

Food program is welcome

April 4, 2024

Campaign 2000: End Child and Family Poverty welcomes the federal government’s April 1 announcement of the National School Food Program. Children in Canada will now have access to an important safety net to mitigate hunger at school.  The federal government’s investment in the National School Food Program demonstrates its commitment to the well-being of Canada’s children… Continue reading Food program is welcome

Unprecedented Progress on Poverty Reduction Being Undone

The image shows part of the 2023 Update On Child and Family Poverty in Canada report cover released on February 2024. Title of the update: Unprecedented Progress on poverty reduction being undone The background photo is black and white and shows two children walking on railway tracks.

February 12, 2024

Campaign 2000 releases its annual report on child and family poverty, Unprecedented Progress on Poverty Reduction Being Undone. The report finds that in 2021, despite the historic progress achieved in 2020, Canada saw a sharp upswing in national child poverty rates. As pandemic benefits wound down and the cost of living rose, poverty rates rebounded,… Continue reading Unprecedented Progress on Poverty Reduction Being Undone