Campaign 2000 has compiled a List of Policy Responses and other related resources in our collective work during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Visit for our latest annual report card on child and family poverty in Canada as well as other resources! 

During elections, Campaign 2000 often prepares election materials as public education tools. We review federal party platforms and compare each party’s poverty reduction plan to our proposal to reduce and eventually eradicate poverty.

For example, during the most recent federal election (Oct. 2015) Campaign 2000 proposed that all federal parties ensure the creation of a federal action plan to eradicate poverty that included targets & timelines and was secured in legislation.

Campaign 2000 recommended that A Poverty Eradication Plan for Children and Families should include investments in the following key areas:

  • increased child benefits;
  • national public early childhood education and care (ECEC);
  • affordable housing;
  • sustainable employment and livable wages;
  • restoration of Canada’s Employment Insurance (EI) program;
  • support for new Canadians;
  • support for urban Aboriginal Peoples and First Nation communities;
  • support for Canadians living with a disability;
  • adequate data collection through the restoration of the long form census

We then analyzed each party’s platform to see if they cover the above areas and produced a Grid on Party Platforms: Addressing Child and Family Poverty in Canada: Where do the parties stand?
Download grid summary

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