January 17, 2023

We are asking for your support to sign and share the House of Commons E-Petition calling for an immediate stop of clawbacks to the Canada Child Benefit (CCB). 

The petition closes on January 19, 2023, at 9:14 a.m. (EDT).

Although pandemic income supports have all ended, families continue to have their CCB payments confiscated along with other tax credits. 

The CCB is Canada’s signature poverty reduction program, but a recent Parliamentary Budget Office report shows that approximately 791,000 families will have their payments reduced by an average $606 in the 2022/2023 benefit year as a result of having received pandemic benefits such as the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) or Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB). The report found that federal spending on the CCB will be $1.45 billion less because of these clawbacks over three years.

Those who are the hardest hit are mothers with multiple children who earn a moderate income, precisely the mothers who need it most.  For example, a mother with 4 children who earned $33,000 last year, will have her income benefits reduced by more than $3,000 this year.

Join the call to end pandemic clawbacks to the CCB and to implement a full CERB Amnesty!

Sign the CERB Amnesty House of Commons petition by heading to: tinyurl.com/ccbclawbacks.

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