March 1, 2018

According to Campaign 2000, Budget 2018 makes inroads against poverty and inequality with boosts to Canadians’ incomes, but the gains for parents, women, workers and Indigenous people need to be poverty-proofed and paired with accessible public services in the upcoming Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS). We note that the absence of meaningful child care funding is glaring in the context of the commitment to gender equality from this government.

“Budget 2018’s inroads are in the right direction, but with a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy the federal government can truly go the distance for children and their families,” says Anita Khanna, Campaign 2000’s National Coordinator. “With nearly 1 in 5 children in poverty, Canada needs to take the training wheels off in 2019 and roll out the strong investments in poverty eradication that Canadians have awaited for far too long.”

Read our full response. See Canada Child Benefit infographic.

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