March 24, 2017

According to Campaign 2000, Budget 2017 makes inroads in some areas core to reducing child and family poverty, including addressing gender inequities and multi-year funding commitments to affordable housing and childcare and early learning. But the roll-out of funding is slow in the face of need for urgent and bold action against poverty.

Over 1.3 million children live in poverty in Canada today: nearly 1 in 5 children overall, rising to 60% of status First Nations Children on reserve. Serious action and commitment are required to immediately end poverty. The glaring absence of funding to equalize spending for child welfare and social services for Indigenous children on reserve is unacceptable in light of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) rulings. More immediate funding measures will be needed to ensure Canada’s upcoming Poverty Reduction Strategy can effectively address the realities of families and children living in poverty across the country.

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